Frequently asked questions about HelpSendMe

What is HelpSendMe?

HelpSendMe is a platform where missionaries and people going on short-term mission trips can create a campaign to raise support for their ministry. It's also a place where people can discover and support missions all over the world.

Who is HelpSendMe for?

People going on short-term missions trips, full-time missionaries, and those wanting to support missions.

How does HelpSendMe work?

  1. Create - Create your support raising page that displays your goal, photo, video, updates, donations and more.
  2. Share - Share your page with people via social media and email so they can support you and receive updates.
  3. Reach - Reach your mission fundraising goal so that you can effectively go where God has called you to serve.

How much does HelpSendMe cost?

HelpSendMe is free to create a campaign. We collect a small fee on any money raised. See our Pricing & Fees page for more info.